Applying for membership

The association can accept as members companies, whose main business is the development of digital games. Member applications are reviewed and processed by the board of the association. To apply, please send your
application to Your application should include your contact information, the applying company’s contact information and
the following:
1. Games the company has published (title, platform, date of publication).
2. Number of employees. Entrepreneurs are included in this number if they receive a salary form the company.
3. The company’s turnover.
4. Investments the company has received.
5. How experienced is your team, do they have previous experience in game development.

The first membership fee is billed after your membership application has been accepted. The following fees will be
billed yearly in the spring. The membership fee is determined by the number of employees the member company had
at the end of the previous year.
1-10 employees 300 €
11-20 employees 700 €
21-49 employees 1200 €
50+ employees 2000 €

-Newsletters and bulletins, 10-12 a year
– Executive breakfast -events 10-12 times a year
– Free ticket to the Finnish Game Awards gala
– Other events and training
– Discounts on annual international events (such as Game Connection, Nordic Game, Gamescom, PG Connects)
– Both domestic and EU level advocacy for the industry.